Our Story


Our Story

Founded by visionary filmmaker Lena Sledge, Sonny Brook Films is an independent production company based in the United States.
Sonny Brook is focused on the development and production of innovative, socially conscious, character-driven films.

In 2014 Sonny Brook Films released the award-winning
short film, Grandma’s Hands. The film premiered at the River City Film Festival.

In 2015, Sonny Brook’s web series, Unplanned Motherhood became a viral hit. It also had a showing at the River City Film Festival.

What We Do

Sonny Brooks manages projects through all evolutionary phases: creative development, physical production, and post-production
technological enhancements.

In film and television, this process begins with script development and conceptualization; securing stages, actors, and completing live-action shoots follows, and the process ends with the use and creation of groundbreaking technologies to add breathtaking effects and immersive sound.